Details / Investment

There are many sorts of INVESTMENT.
Financial, economic, even wedding ones. INVESTMENT is putting money into something with the expectation of gain, that upon thorough analysis, has a high degree of security for the principal amount, as well as security of return, within an expected period of time.(WIKIPEDIA).
After the wedding food and cake have been eaten, the music has stopped playing, the decorations are cleaned up, and the flowers have withered, what is left to cherish the special moments once shared? YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHS! Our clients believe wedding photography is not the cost at their wedding, but an INVESTMENT.
If you believe the same, then you are our potential client 🙂
 Please email me if you would like to know how this works – I’ll answer it as soon as possible.
My wedding photo packages start as low as 800€.
I’m looking forward to meet you and talk about your big day.
p.s. We’ll have so much fun…